Ways to be happier

As we ring in the new year, I can’t help but hear the new year’s resolutions people are declaring.  This got me to thinking about the idea of resolutions, and how most people make them so specific, it’s no wonder they break them in 24 hours

So I decided to share some simple ways we can each make ourselves happier every day..

1. Smile. Attitude really is everything.  When you put a smile on your face, it makes things seem much less stressful, and more manageable.  One of my favorite movies growing up, Annie, offers some advice, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

2. Be polite. Always.  Even if people aren’t being 100% polite to you.  Kill them with kindness.  Being polite will earn respect.  Something a live by: command respect, and you will receive respect.  Politeness commands respect.  Politeness is respectful, and by being respectful, you will respect yourself.

3. Follow your dreams. Yes, it’s difficult, but it is also absolutely necessary.  Every professional I have ever spoken to has given me this advice: “Do what you dream of doing when you get out of college, or you probably won’t do it.

4. Don’t be shy. Stand out.  Be bold.  To quote John Mayer, “Say what you need to say.” (corny? yes. true? yes.) Being an extrovert is a good thing – people will notice you.

5. Maintain a positive attitude. I saw this quote the other day, “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” -Henry Ford  If you maintain a positive attitude, you will be able to see solutions to your problems much more easily than if you’re a negative Nancy.

6. Accept when you make mistakes, learn from them.  Move on. Yes, it happens to everyone, even me, even YOU.  But instead of graveling in your mistakes, learn from what you did wrong, and move on.  Don’t make that mistake again twice.  Whether it be dating a total loser, or not studying for an exam until the last minute, remember, everyone has done it, and the only way to be ok with it is to turn it into something positive.

7. Be authentic and genuine. Judy Garland puts it well, “Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.”  If you don’t like who you are, how can you expect anyone else to?  Live by it.

8. Put a personal touch on everything you do. Nothing like a pitch for personal branding.  It you’re an artistic person, do so.  If you’re funny, add a little (appropriate) humor.  Whatever, but adding that personal touch will set you apart from everyone else.

9. Accept change and grow from it. This kind of goes along with accepting your mistakes.  Being able to accept changes is a valuable tool.  You don’t want to be that person who hits a brick wall when things change.  Adapt to what’s going on around you.  You must in order to survive. (really!)

2 responses to “Ways to be happier

  1. I’m thinking of what you said to the Athens meter maid last summer. I’m just sayin’….

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