Royal Wedding Hats – Best and Weirdest

As we know, the royal wedding was last week, and while most people focused their attention on the general hype of the wedding itself (which I will never understand because we are NOT British!) I simply cared about the fashion.

Royals used to be required in the Church to wear hats to royal events. While this is no longer a requirement, the tradition stuck and British women typically wear hats to events.

Here are my favorite (and least favorite) hats from the wedding (because really, they were the most entertaining part):

Victoria and David Beckham

Not only did they match, but they looked classy. Posh matched her hat her a dress from her collection.

The Spencer's

Their hats were classy yet fashion-forward (with a dash of Lady Gaga), and I think they looked great.

Sophie Winkleman

This hat is the perfect example of a large hat done right. The idea of a giant hat can be intimidating, but I think this one has just the right mix of simplicity and detail.

Carole Middleton

Love the way she positioned this off-center on her head. She looked great, and the color was perfect for her hair.

The Queen

 Classic, queen-like, and age appropriate.

Justine Thornton

I’m on the fence about this one. I like it in theory, but does it really work? I wish they would have ditched the feather and maybe put it off-center.

Love the vintage feel here. It’s also good because with a bright color like her dress, the hat needs to be understated.

Santa Montafiore and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Excuse me what? First of all, the blue outfit looks like a bad British 80s prom dress – what’s up with that? The purple dress isn’t bad with the furs, but the hat! Too big, too loud.

And the absoluteWORST:

Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice

Oh, dear. These are just awful. They look like they’ve got something growing out of their heads. Bad. Bad. Bad. No, no. no. These hats make me wonder if they’re subtly mocking tradition because, surely, they cannot think these look good?

What are your thoughts?

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