First Week on The Hill

I have officially been in D.C. for a full week! It’s been an insanely busy yet amazing week, and I’m loving every second of it!

I started work Monday, with Congress in session, so I immediately jumped into doing tasks. My co-intern and I (who I found out has multiple mutual friends from Charleston, and became instant friends with) got tours of the Capitol complex. One of our tasks as interns is giving tours of the Capitol so we have to know how to get around.

The staff in my office has been wonderful, and I have been able to get some invaluable experiences so far. I’ve been able to do press clips, press released and some great writing. It’s also awesome that I get to walk around the Capitol complex a lot, so I’m not sitting at a computer all day.

I didn’t do too much after work this week, except some minor shopping at Forever21 and Payless. 9-5 work is more exhausting than I ever thought it could be!

Today, we went to the Eastern Market in D.C., and it was absolutely awesome. They have everything from fresh food to cocktail rings.

Me inside Capitol Hill Books by the Eastern Market.

There were books everywhere, it was all I could do to not buy 100!

Hand painted fans!

Fabulous derby hats, I wish I had somewhere to wear it!


Cocktail rings aka my heaven!

One week from today, I turn 21, and we found a great Mediterranean restaurant that we plan on going to. I’m really excited!



One response to “First Week on The Hill

  1. Annie, sounds like you will have a great experience in DC, Enjoy and Happy 21st Birthday coming up.

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