Colin Powell, on the House floor.

“American is not a ship sailing from point A to point B. We’re more like a blow-up raft. We’re cold and wet, and we don’t always know where we’re going, but the winds always blow us to a destination and we make it work, and those winds are quite often the will of the people.” -Colin Powell

Today I had the privilege of listening to Colin Powell speak to the Congressional interns on the House floor today (I was 20ft. from Collin Powell!)

What really struck me, was what a positive attitude he had about the greatness of our country, and faith in our country’s ability to come back from any hardship.

Powell touched on what a great country the United States is, and how we should pride ourselves in the fact that people want to come here to start a new life.

What did I take from this? Instead of being so ‘doom and gloom’ about everything going on in our country, we should keep an open mind and faith that we will bounce back – that’s what our country is known for.

Something to think about.

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