Independence Day

This weekend was an absolute blur – but in the absolute best way possible.

Friday we got off work early, so we decided to snap some photos outside the front of the Capitol:

Outside the Capitol

Then we did some lying by the pool, and when our friends got into town, we went to the National Mall to walk around. There was a Folk festival going on, so there was a ton of live music. We showed everyone around the Capitol, and the building where I work, and we stumbled into the Botanic Garden:

Inside the Botanic Gardens

Saturday, we went to Eastern Market in the morning and got some delicious chips and guacamole and some of my absolute favorite candied pecans (worth the trip alone).

Sunday, we headed to the Air and Space Museum (my third trip there that I can remember). I feel like I see something new every time I go. Naturally, the ‘air’ side is most interesting to me – I’m mesmerized every single time!

Air and Space museum

After, we went to the Holocaust Museum which was incredibly moving.

A moving quote in the final part of the museum.

Naturally, yesterday was the Fourth, so we made a delicious feast for breakfast and headed to the Mall. We went to the Museum of Natural History first, and got to see dinosaur bones and fossils: There was a really interesting part of the museum focusing on forensic anthropology. I have always been extremely interested in the field, but have never felt I had the science/math skills to succeed. It was seriously cool though.

Next, we headed to the National Mall and found a spot between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Turns out we were directly under where they shot the fireworks (which were AMAZING, definitely the best I’ve seen).

With our awesome 4th of July hats.

Beautiful fireworks

I have said for some time that the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I feel like I owe some explanation for this, because I tend to get odd responses. Think of the things the majority of us are blessed with in our country. We have running water, a plethora of food on our tables, clothes on our backs. Beyond that, we have amazing opportunities: college, internships in amazing cities and the ability to choose want to do with our lives. Why do we have these opportunities? Because we live in the United States of America. We’re free to think, believe, say (mostly) what we want. How could we complain? We. Are. Fortunate.

The Founding Fathers and people of our country in its earliest days, cared enough for our Freedom to fight for it. Remember this.

I hope everyone put their complaints with the government, politics or whatever they may be unhappy about aside and celebrated our great country yesterday.

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