Bobcat pride.

As many of you know, a Miami of Ohio student published an article the other day essentially praising the stereotype placed on them, causing quite a bit of outrage from students across the state of Ohio (particularly Ohio University). The guy who wrote it later published a note saying that it was meant to be a joke, yeah right.

The article seems to have inspired Ohio University students to be more vocal about their school pride. It inspired a letter published in The Post, here is an excerpt:

“I do know that Ohio University is an insanely awesome institution and we don’t need to call ourselves the best (even though we are) to feel good about ourselves. We have other things going on. Here are some reasons it rocks to be a Bobcat!

First, we are compassionate.

Our very own student organization Students Teaching Against Racism recently went viral with their “We’re a culture, not a costume” campaign. How awesome is that? The Huffington Post picked up that story. Super awesome!

Every day, it seems, new service and reform organizations are springing up across campus such as the newly formed Students for Education Reform – OU chapter. You should check them out, but I know you will because you are an OU student!

Second, we kick butt academically.

Our E.W. Scripps School of Journalism routinely ranks as one of the top J-schools in the nation. Our sport management program is great. We are also home to the one-of-a-kind Honors Tutorial College. And as far as rhetoric? Our forensics team takes home national awards every year.

Third, we get really excited when cool, new things happen.

At OU, we enjoy the little things. Earlier this year, a video of our football team receiving new jerseys went viral. Why? Because the nation was impressed with our child-like enthusiasm and befuddled by a college football team acting like kids on Christmas.

The students of OU weren’t befuddled. We act like that on the reg.
Fourth, we know how to have a good time.

Sure, from time to time, we have a little too much fun. But most of the time, the students of OU are generally fun-loving, happy-go-lucky party-goers. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is a reason why our Halloween party is nationally known. It’s not because of the great trick-or-treating.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, a video of our Marching 110 performing the Party Rock Anthem went viral. At the very least, we know how to get down.

Because OU has a very vocal student body, it often appears that we are disgruntled with our college experience. I don’t think that is true.

I think our frustration, our fear of complacency, and our skeptical attitude show just how much we care about our university. We want our institution to be the best it can be, to be a one-of-a-kind experience, and to be a positive force in the community.

Well, Bobcats, be proud. We achieve all of those goals on a daily basis.”

Then, an alumnae sent this letter to The Athens News, here’s an excerpt:

“Mid-week afternoons in the spring when the weather has just warmed, and I fondly remember watching people blow off class to spend afternoons on the green, on their porches or for a very early happy hour.

Summer days when it’s too hot to do anything, and I think of my junior year when I spent my summer in Athens, taking two courses, working at Sonic (yes, I worked at Sonic) but mostly spending time at the community pool and loving the fact that the bars weren’t packed elbow-to-elbow.

The first snow. So many memories there sledding down any number of A-Town’s hills, driving to the theater in Nelsonville, and layering sweatpants and sweatshirts just to make the walk from our house off Mill to Court Street.

But the time of year that makes me truly miss Athens is fall. There’s something about the leaves turning that takes me back to that drive into town on Highway 32 (or 33, or whatever) and catching that first glimpse of school, with the Hocking snaking its way around the Convo, football field and South Green, and the entire place seemingly hugged by the orange-yellow of fall.

I guess part of you never truly leaves Athens. You’ll always smile knowingly when you meet someone else who went to OU…And you’ll always feel a twinge of sadness when so many of your friends’ Facebook statuses are about going back for homecoming, and you know that yet again, you won’t be able to go.”

Both of these articles make me incredibly proud to be an Ohio University Bobcat. I can guarantee you there is no other school in the country like OU. We may have 20,000 students, but we are a family.

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