Frugal Fashionista

If you know me at all, you know that I am a lover of fashion. (Particularly shoes.) If you know me at all you also know that I am a MAJOR bargain shopper. As a college student, I simply do not have tons of money to spend on my addiction. Quite frequently, my friends just don’t believe me when I tell them the deal I got on an article of clothing. So, I decided to start posting my finds here (Ok, I admit, I’ve been meaning to for quite some time now I just keep forgetting…).

This past week, I was home for the week for the Thanksgiving holiday, here are some of my finds:

Necklaces and hair pins from Gabriel Bros. totaling $12.

Cute going out top, also from Gabriel Bros., I think this cost $9.99.

Rampage knee-height socks (I like to wear these under boots for extra warmth, plus they look cute!) Five pair for approx $8.

Royal blue suede pumps, Payless $24.99. I will be wearing these to the Governor's Ball, a formal event in my hometown later this month.

Not the best photo but I am wearing OPI Russian Navy Matte and OPI Muppet Collection: Rainbow Connection. $2.50 a bottle on Amazon.

As you can probably tell, Gabriel Brothers is one of my favorite stores. A lot of people don’t have the energy to shop at Gabes, because it definitely requires digging and foraging sometimes, but I love it. The Gabes in my hometown has been known to carry Express, Juicy Couture, NY&Co. and a ton of other name brands. I highly suggest checking it out if you have one near you.

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