Things I Learned Last Week…

This past week was definitely very interesting. As the end of the quarter approaches, stress builds. My classes are backloaded this quarter, so my assignments are all pretty much due in the upcoming weeks.

I definitely learned some valuable lessons (and some simply cool discoveries):

1. Always back up your work. (Triple backup!!) I thought I lost half of my budgeting paper last week (THANK GOODNESS for OU’s IT department – one of the students found it fo me/saved me a lot of stress!) because I didn’t properly back it up. From now on, I will be saving to my thumb drive, Google docs AND emailing things to myself.

2. I have a frozen yogurt addiction. When I was home two weeks ago, I bought a carton of it to bring back to Athens because we don’t have anywhere to buy tart frozen yogurt here. It’s already gone. Can’t we get a froyo place already??

3. Downton Abbey is the most addicting show! My roommate and I decided to start season one on Netflix last night and I’m in love! The show is set in the early 20th century in England. The first episode opens with the sinking of the Titanic and moves into WWI in the second season. I don’t know if it’s peeking into a lost generation of society or what, but I absolutely love it!

4. The Ridges are creepy at night. I came up on Saturday to get some work done and stayed until after dark. Not only was walking out to my car alone a bit creepy but looking up at the giant building after reading what went on here, I was definitely creeped out.

Meanwhile, it’s now week 10 aka crunch time so here goes nothing…

One response to “Things I Learned Last Week…

  1. So that’s two times the IT dept. has saved you.

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