Homemade McMuffin

As I’ve discussed in previous posts, I try to eat as healthy as possible by keeping healthy food in my house and not eating out frequently.

Every once in awhile though, I’m running late and am tempted to make the only slightly out of the way trip to McDonald’s on my way to work for an egg and cheese McMuffin (egg and cheese on an english muffin, in case you were unaware).

I got the idea yesterday to attempt to make my own homemade version in order to save money and a few calories (and fat). Turns out making my own takes about the same amount of time as driving to the restaraunt itself and ordering, etc.:

Homemade version of a McDonald's McMuffin.

As you can see, I used Thomas’ whole grain english muffins and Sargengto ultra thin mild cheddar cheese, and scrambled one egg (which takes five minutes or less). I tasted the english muffin and then added the cheese and microwaved for approx. 15 seconds (which was a little too long) before adding the egg. I also added a little cajun seasoning

The english muffin is 100 calories, the ultra thin cheese is only 45 and one scrambled egg is about 70 calories, so I did the whole thing for just over 200 calories (according to MyFitnessPal, which is the app I use to track my eating, is 290 calories.

This proved to be a delicious (and fast!) alternative to the drive-thru.

One response to “Homemade McMuffin

  1. I finally learned (from the old blind lady at the courthouse food stand) – but only late in life – that the egg can be scrambled and microwaved with amazing success. Spray a paper bowl with PAM, scramble the egg with a small dollop of milk or half and half, and nuke on high for one minute. Marvelous, fluffy goodness awaits a hefty dose of salt ‘n peppa and a slab of good old greasy bacon (pre-cooked and also nuked)…. Of course, I do mine on plain white “cheese” toast. Bettern’ Mickey Dee’s any day, if I say so myseff. – Dave
    P.S. – Oh, and I leave out the “beefcake” heh heh heh….

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