Beauty Steps College Women Should Never Skip

As college women, our lifestyle is crazy. We stay up late on week nights studying and on weekends hanging out with our friends. Our schedules are different almost every day, and oftentimes leave us falling into bed late at night and getting up early the next morning – it’s hectic. Lifestyles like ours are unique, and can often leave us skimping on our beauty routine.

There are a few things I’ve learned I should never skip, and I’ve shared them below:

1. Get enough sleep! Many people think that sleep has nothing to do with your beauty routine, but it definitely is. A lot of the time, dark circles and swollen eyes are caused from a lack of sleep. Eight hours of sleep a night is crucial!

2. Floss! Brushing your teeth is simply not enough. They make great individual flossers that are way easier to use than regular floss. Your teeth will thank you!

3. Take your makeup off. I know it can be a hassle when all you want to do is go to bed, but by taking your makeup off, your skin will be able to breathe all night, and you’re less likely to get blackheads or zits. Plus, you’ll feel better when you wake up the next morning.

4. Use heat protector when drying and styling hair. If you’re like me, you dry and straighten or curl your hair almost every day. If you do it without using a heat protector of some kind (I like Tresemee’s version as well as Pantene’s.) then your ends will begin to split and look fried, and your hair will break off. Trust me, healthy hair is much better.

These are the steps in my routine I never skip, now here are some tricks I swear by:

  • Use Noxzema for brighter skin. I lather it on my face for approximately 20 minutes each night, and my skin stays bright.
  • Combine baking soda and water for blemish control. I use this as a spot treatment, and it works great.

What are your best tips and tricks?

2 responses to “Beauty Steps College Women Should Never Skip

  1. *A good boar bristle brush is the best remedy for split ends. It works well because it picks up your hair’s natural oils near the scalp and spreads it all the way to the tips, strengthening and conditioning your hair.
    *Honey is the best quick fix for zitz.
    *Olive oil is an excellent tanning oil and moisturizer – not to mention a nice, non-greasy massage oil (nuke it for 45 seconds or so for an excellent hot oil massage). The sun turns your olive oiled skin a very nice color of brown, and the oil literally makes your skin shimmer in the candlelight after a massage.
    *Go ahead and spend the extra $$$ for a good pair of tweezers. Yeah, you might spend $25, which seems like a lot, but you’ll have ’em a long, long time and you’ll avoid the inevitable frustration a cheap pair of tweezers gets ya. Just do it, you can thank me later.

  2. Good advice for all ages.

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