An evening walk on the Sunrise Carriage Trail

Last night, I headed to South Hills with a friend to walk the Sunrise Carriage Trail. I have to admit, until he told me about it, I didn’t know it existed (I’m using the fact that I haven’t been in town much over the past four years as my excuse, although I’m not sure it works) but despite its recent addition to my Charleston/W.Va. bucket list, I was excited to cross it off.

The trail itself runs from Sunrise (now Farmer, Cline & Campbell law offices) to the South Side Bridge, and was a really beautiful walk. Here’s a little history of Sunrise and the trail itself (via

The mansion used to be home to William MacCorkle, who was the ninth Governor of W.Va. When it was built, it was an apparently an issue to get the building materials up the windy roads leading to the hill, so the path now known as the Carriage Trail was built.

MacCorkle himself discovered two bodies of women who (according to historical accounts) were shot on the spot after being convicted of being spies during the Civil War.

The grave marker of the two alleged Civil War spies.

There is also an arched stone monument on the trail dedicated to MacCorckle’s daughter, who was killed in a car accident. Upon his death, MacCorkle had his own ashed interred in the monument.

When we reached the bottom of the hill, we walked through downtown Charleston for a bit during sunset and got some great photos of the city:

Charleston really is a beautiful city.

The Levee during sunset.

If you’re looking for something to do on a summer evening, I definitely recommend walking the trail, it’s a beautifully peaceful walk that brings you out right into the middle of the city (where there are tons of restaurants and bars to explore).


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  1. All I have to say is “Star, Star Law.”

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