Staying Organized in the Summer – Not Just a Pipe Dream

If you’re like me, when the weather gets warm, it can seem like all forms of organization go out the window. As someone who is extremely organized during the rest of the year, I have to find ways to keep myself organized (and therefore, anxiety free) during the summer months, especially because work hasn’t stopped for me in the summertime in several years.

1. Buy a new planner. As much as I love having all Google calendars synched to my phone, the act of  writing events or to-dos down in a planner helps me remember. Plus, the act of crossing items off your list feels amazing (or maybe that’s just me because I’m a nerd).

2. Make lists. Now that you have your planner, be sure to make to-do lists. I am a huge fan of these, I have even made lists about making lists. It helps you put your day or week in perspective.

3. Always carry a pen and notepad. I keep a mini-legal pad and lots of writing utensils in my purse at all times. You never know when you’re going to need to write something important down.

4. Clean out your closet. Seems random, yes, but the act of purging your closet of  things you no longer need or wear is a great feeling.

5. Clean up & back up your computer. I recently was faced with the issue of having a full hard drive, so I has to not only delete unwanted files, but back-up all my files onto an external hard drive as well.


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