Recipe of the week: Zucchini pizza bites

This week, I decided to try yet another Pinterest recipe, from my recipes board: Baked pizza zucchini bites. They’re super easy to make (as most of my recipes are) and taste just like pizza bites, without being fattening.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Of course, zucchini, light Prego, turkey pepperoni, a little garlic salt, pepper (optional), Italian cheese and (not pictured) cooking spray.

Slice your zucchini, spread on your baking sheet and spray one side very lightly with cooking spray:

Next, lightly shake garlic salt and pepper on the zucchini.

Put about half a tablespoon of pizza sauce on each piece, followed by one slice of pepperoni, and a little cheese.

Bake at 250 degrees for approximately 10 minutes, and let cool for a few minutes after.

These bites taste absolutely delicious and make a great quick and easy appetizer for a cookout or event. Enjoy!

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