Event Planning 101

One of my favorite parts of my job this summer has been assisting in planning different events for the campaign I’m working on. In the past month, largely in part to a larger fundraising event we had, I have learned a lot about event planning. While my office is very drama/major stress-free, things can get a little crazy which is why I’ve learned that organization is key:

  • Create a list of everything you’ll need. This way, when event day rolls around, you’re left feeling cool, calm and collected, and if last-minute things pop-up (like say, the host needs flowers for the table) you’ll have time to take care of these things without stressing that other tasks aren’t done.

  • Wear something comfortable. If you’re like me, and you always wear heels to work, keep a pair nice flats in your bag in case you end up running around a lot or are just on your feet all day.
  • Collect business cards. The larger the event, the more people you’re going to meet. I’m (self-proclaimed) to be terrible with names (something I’m trying to work on) so exchanging business cards and writing a note about what the two of you discussed on the back of said card is a great way to remember someone and reconnect later if need be.
  • Pay attention. Yes, you made it to event time, but you’re also a host, which means you’re working, so keep your eyes and ears  open at all times in case you’re needed. However…
  • …you should still try to have fun!
  • Be willing to ask for help. If a guest/attendee asks you a question you’re not 100 percent sure of the answer to: ASK someone! It’s better to say, “I’m not sure let me find out for you.” than to incorrectly answer someone’s question.
  • Expect the unexpected. It could be a devastating thunder-storm that causes a tree to fall down in front of the event space and the power to go out (like at my last event). You never know. Stay calm and keep your head , this way you can tackle bumps in the road as they come, and your event will not be ruined.

One response to “Event Planning 101

  1. I’m sure you got that organization gene from me.

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