My week in photos: Vacation 2012, Isle of Palms, SC

Last week, my family and I traveled to the Isle of Palms right off Charleston, SC for a week of vacation. My parents have been coming to the area since before I was born, and I’ve been coming here since I was a baby, so this beach has a special place in my heart.

Below is a recap of my week at IOP:

Spent the majority of our mornings/early afternoons lounging on the beach.

Went to the beach during high tide on our last day, and had so much fun playing in the waves.

I wish I could remember why I was posing like this.




…also spent a lot of time by the pool, and rode bikes to the Marina. As you can see, the pool time got serious.

Turns out, some friends from OU moved to the area recently, (one being a pilot) and he took us flying one day and let me fly, which was awesome. It’s always cool to get to hang out with the two of them:)

Post-flying adventure!

Ate lots of good food, made guacamole at least three times, and did a shrimp boil with cornbread one night. AND I tried oysters for the first time at the Noisy Oyster (a highly recommended restaurant near the market in Charleston). The oysters were just ‘eh’.

Had a great time making friends at Coconut Joe’s and The Windjammer (two of the only bars on IOP). Coconut Joe’s has hats hanging on their walls from different visitors – loved finding several WV/WVU hats. Unfortunately didn’t see any OU:( One particular highly was finding a guy with a Ripley Parade Tshirt on from the 2003 parade (he was from NJ!).

Visiting the market in Charleston is an absolute must. There are TONS of vendors selling things from sweetgrass baskets to leather goods, candy, nuts, jewelry and art. One of my favorite purchased was my super cheap mustache ring, as well as my USA/SC Tshirt.

Some funny-looking rocks painted with faces.

Leather and eel skin wallets, clutches and purses.

Probably my favorite purchase was a Three Olives bottle melted and flattened to make a cheese tray, complete with bottle stopper knife.

The architecture in Charleston is absolutely amazing. If you can, I suggest walking from the Market to the Battery just so you can see the amazing gardens and homes.

Exploring some more of Charleston. A hotel from the 1800s, City Lights Coffee (a MUST for coffee lovers – so delicious!), Kilwin’s chocolates and the College of Charleston campus (also where the college scenes from The Notebook were filmed).

Tried on hats at a cute hat store, and awed at the amazing gardens and this B&B by the Battery.

Bought art for my bedroom at a great little shop by the Market, and loved yet more old buildings. Also got daily inspirations at the Life is Good store that made us smile:)

If you walk by, off King St. there is a Utilitarian Cemetery. Definitely go in. This religion doesn’t believe in maintaining the grounds of their Cemetery’s, which makes for a really spooky walk. Also, Annabel Lee of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem is supposedly buried here, although we couldn’t find her grave marker because of all the overgrowth.

A great deal of the scenes from The Notebook were filmed in Charleston. The theater where Allie and Noah go on their first day (The American) is located on King St. and just up the street on the corner of King and Mary St’s is where Allie and Noah dance in the street. Closer to the Battery is the restaurant High Cotton, which is where Noah gets off the bus and first sees Allie through the window with her new fiance.

One of THE most delicious places I’ve ever eaten was Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island (just a short drive from IOP). I had buffalo shrimp tacos which were the BEST. Edgar Allan Poe was stationed at Ft. Moultrie when he served in the military, which is located on Sullvian’s Island.

We ventured to Sugar Bakeshop (specializing in Cupcakes) which is located on Cannon St. just a few blocks from King St. Some of their cupcakes included PB&J, Caramel, traditional chocolate, and many more. So yummy!

Our last night we went down to the Battery (where the Confederates fired on Fort Sumter) which is a really cool piece of history. ‘Rainbow Row’ is located here as well.

We also located the official ‘WVU bar’ (which sadly just turned out to be the official game watch location, we were hoping the owners were West Virginians). Did I mention that it’s located in an old Catholic church? Or that there were deer antler chandeliers? Or that they were playing Country Roads when we walked in? It was a cool end to our trip.

Said goodbye to the IOP with a beautiful sunrise over the connector.

A few things we didn’t get to go that are saved for next time:

  • Taking a carriage tour of Charleston (if you’re a history buff, definitely do it!)
  • Visiting Ft. Moultrie – again, really cool history
  • Ride our bikes more – My parents rode more than Kailyn and I did, since we rented them for a week, I wish we’d ridden more because the island really is beautiful.
  • Eaten at Poogan’s Porch (located on Queen St.) even though I’ve eaten there before. We tried to go for a late lunch, but they had just stopped serving.
  • Gone to Folley Beach for a day. Even though it’s a hike (approx. 45 min. drive) it’s supposed to be really cool there.

4 responses to “My week in photos: Vacation 2012, Isle of Palms, SC

  1. Thanks for the great photos! Looks like you had a fine time on your vacation. I’m glad you had fun. I went to Charleston on binnis in the early ’90s and stayed at the King’s Court. I recall arriving about happy hour after an arduous trip on a hot day and took a seat on the patio. It was a lovely evening and, to accompany my chilled adult beverage(s), they had a dixieland jazz band playing as gently as the cool breeze which swept through the quite pleasant, secluded patio. As darkness fell, I remember thinking I didn’t know when I’d had such a relaxing experience – the fountains tinkling, the soft lights, the tasteful flower beds and greenery, the muffled sounds of conversations at nearby tables, and the marvelous sounds of the three-piece jazz band wafting all around – hmmm, wish I was there now!
    I had dinner at a place called “Magnolias” and it was fine dining indeed. I had planned to, perhaps, evaluate the local talent, but the fine meal led me back to my King’s Court room and its overstuffed mattress where I was out with the newspaper on my chest by 11.
    I did have a chance to wander around downtown the next day and, I agree, the market is quite something to see. Although I visited Charleston as a young teen and took the formal garden tour, I’d love to return sometime to spend some quality time there. Anyway, your post brought back those memories – thanks for letting me share them.

    • Dave- I’m glad others appreciate Charleston as much as I do. Each time I go back I’m a little older and can appreciate the city even more. I absolutely love it and hope to continue to go back every year. Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. Let’s go again! I’m ready.

  3. Hey i was just wondering if you have the name of the store in Charleston City Market that made the liquor bottle cheese boards?I was just there and we are trying to contact them.We loved Charleston!

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