We made a deal ages ago, we’re soulmates.

Tuesday, I was fortunate that my amazing friends Mallory and Katie came to town for ‘Sushi Tuesday’ (a tradition for us when we were all in school at OU) and a few drinks. This wasn’t just any visit, though, because Mallory and Katie have both moved on from OU and started their new lives one in Columbus and one is stationed in Germany in the US Army.

I’ve posted before about how my core group of friends from college has scattered across the country – California, Oklahoma, Illinois and various places in Ohio. When my final year at OU started in August, it really hit home that I would be having to spend the year that’s supposed to be the best without some of my very best friends. It was a tough idea to swallow.

Drinking our signature drink in one of our favorite places.

As I caught up with two of my best friends, I couldn’t help but smile because it was like no time had even passed since we’d been sitting in our favorite bar, drinking our favorite drinks talking and laughing and being ridiculous. When I had to say goodbye, I kind of lost it. Mallory is flying across the world to where she’s stationed in Germany, and won’t be back anytime soon. Yes, we talk, but it’s just not the same sometimes.

After all this I couldn’t help but think of the Sex and the City episode, when Charlotte suggests that the girls are each others soul mates, and men are just these great, nice guys to have fun with.

Doesn’t it make life just a little bit easier knowing that your friends, no matter how far around the world or across the country they are, are your soulmates? That no matter what you do or what happens, you’ll always be friends? It certainly makes my days a little better.

So here’s to you, my amazing friends, no matter where you are. You’re my soulmates, and you always will be.

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