Weekend in Photos

This weekend I traveled to Pittsburgh again to visit my pretty awesome boyfriend. Saturday, we went to Sandcastle water park which is located on the Waterfront in Pittsburgh. Turned out to be a great idea because everyone else in the area was at the Kenny Chesney concert. Saturday evening we had a cookout with friends at their newly purchased home, and had a great time catching up.

riding in cliff

Driving with the top off the new Jeep for the first time.

Sunday we decided to head to Ohiopyle State Park  to hike and swim:



I definitely recommend visiting Ohiopyle if you live in the area. You can raft, kayak, hike, camp, swim and more. There are also quite a few charming little shops and restaurants and a historic battle ground to visit there as well. We had a great time!ohiopyle6

First time Seth took the roof off his Jeep - driving to the water park.


At the ‘natural water slide’. For the record, I didn’t do the slide (it looked VERY painful) but I did swim, despite the somewhat frigid temperatures (Seth wouldn’t swim, what a baby!).


I always hate having to leave Pittsburgh, but I am looking forward to this week. Thursday, I turn 23 (or my third annual 21st birthday, as I have come to call it). This is the first year I’ve not been super thrilled for my birthday, as I’m pretty content staying at my current age. Alas, we must grow up.

2 responses to “Weekend in Photos

  1. As Jimmy B. would say/sing, “I’m growing older but not up…”🎶

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Pittsburgh area! We love our city!

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