Weekend in Photos: Charleston and Pittsburgh

This weekend I split my time between Charleston and Pittsburgh. Friday night, I stayed in town and was planning on attending Live on the Levee to see Kris Allen (of American Idol), but Charleston was unexpectedly hit by a Sharknado:

Photo (courtesy of Ward!) of the hail post-Sharknado.

Photo (courtesy of Ward!) of the hail post-Sharknado.

So they moved the concert to the center court of the Charleston Town Center Mall. I’m assuming he switched his format to an acoustic set, as there were only about 100 of us there:

Kris Allen performing.

Kris Allen performing.

Saturday, I headed to Pittsburgh bright and early to hang out with my boyfriend. We had a lazy day Saturday, but headed to the Pirates game on Sunday:


Sweated to death, but still had a great time!

Sunday’s game vs. the Mets was my first MLB game, and I had a great time! PNC Park is a very nice park, and the game was fun to watch!

The more time I spend in Pittsburgh, the more my fondness for the city grows. I realized this weekend that the people of Pittsburgh share a sense of pride for their city, much like the people of West Virginia have a great pride for their state. Growing up with in West Virginia has instilled a huge amount of pride and protectiveness for my city and state. It’s great to see that pride somewhere else – I can’t wait to spend more time there!


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