Sunday Reading: Links I Love

Happy Sunday! This post is quite late this evening, and most of you are probably watching the Emmy’s (like I am), but I had a jam-packed weekend with my in-laws and wonderful boyfriend visiting (post to follow!). Here are a few links from around the interwebs this week for your late-night web browsing or for your early Monday morning re-orientation into the world:

1. As you all know, I’m a huge fan of heels. So I found this article very interesting: Why High Heels and Healthy Feet Don’t Mix. Seriously, kind of crazy. Although, I love my heels and I doubt I’ll stop wearing them anytime soon.

2. It may be easier to understand how to cure a hangover if you understand what’s happening to your body. So check out this infographic about how to cure hangovers.

3. Vogue did a roundup of 100 fashion week trends under $100.

4. I particularly loved this article from Thought Catalog titled, How to Get Flat Abs and Having Amazing Sex in 8 Evens Steps. Seriously, they have a great point.

Finally, happy Sunday! Here are two super cute otters holding hands:)

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