Lessons in Layering

It’s that time of year when we begin to pile on the layers to create a chic yet functionally warm look. When done right, layering can lead to some interesting and chic combinations.

1. Choose a main piece to be the “star” of your look. I generally build all my outfits this way – picking one piece to be the “focal point” and building the rest from there. Choose that main feature and allow the rest of your outfit to compliment that piece.

2.  Choose the right proportions and fit. Make sure the button-up shirts and ‘under’ layers fit properly. One trick I often use it to put a tight-fitting camisole overtop a button-up. This way you don’t have the problem of bulky undershirts. Wear oversize layers with form-fitting pieces to avoid looking bulky. Jackets must [generally] be slightly shorter than the shirt underneath to break up your look. It’s all about proportion.

3.  Pay attention to detail. A polka-dot or gingham button-up adds an interesting detail to  a plain sweater. Especially in a bright color! Layered looks often have more than one point of interest, so don’t be afraid to mix prints! Also, always turn out your cuffs – this is one of the best ways to show a little extra detail

5.  Wear a completer piece that will add finish your look. A jacket or blazer is almost always great at achieving this. Also, accessories like a statement necklace or jewelry will pull your look together.

Blazer: Gabes, Sweater: Kmitichi Blu via Gabes, Flannel: Target, Arm Candy: F21 & Claire’s, Jeans: American Eagle, Booties: Michael Antonio via Gabes

Polka Dot Tunic: J.Crew Factory, Cardigan: NY&Co, Blazer: Gap, Jeans: Am. Eagle, Shoes: Betsy Johnson via TJ Maxx, Necklace: F21

Sweater: Gap, Jeweled Collar Shell: J.Crew Factory

Button-up: J.Crew Factory, Sweater: Gap, Vest: Old Navy

Button-up: J.Crew Factory, Sweater: Gap, Vest: Old Navy

Turned up cuffs!

Turned up cuffs!





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