Fine Hair Probz

If you have ever seen me in person, it’s no secret that I have extremely fine hair. If you know me well, you know that for a large majority of my life my greatest #whitegirlprob was that I couldn’t get my hair to hold a curl. Thankfully, I discovered the godsend that is a curling wand, and I’ve been pretty set, except for the whole hairspray thing. I have to put so much hairspray in that I feel like I’m wearing a helmet sometimes.

While sitting through infusions on Monday I was reading this month’s Women’s Health, and came across the best curling advice for women with fine hair I’ve read so far:

1. When hair is wet, put a dollop of volumizing/texturizing mousse from roots to ends of hair. Then dry hair like normal – the mousse is lightweight enough to not weigh hair down but still gave me noticeable volume.

Love this volumzing, texturizing mousse.

2. Use L’oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hair Spray when curling your hair. I spray each piece of hair before I curl then spray again when my hair if completely curled. This hair spray is amazing because it brushes out whenever you want!

**I also very much recommend you gals with fine hair deep condition after curling your hair. It helps get any knots and excess hair product out!

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