Weekend Reading: Links I Love

Happy snowy Saturday! Seems like preeetttyy much everywhere is turning into a winter wonderland this week. So why not stay inside and read.. this blog? 🙂

Looking for a wardrobe update? Check out these 6 modern wardrobe classics that are crucial for a complete work wardrobe.

Needing some winter outfit inspiration? Check out some street style from the Sundance:

Also check out how our favorite bloggers are staying warm this winter:

I’m also LOVING this Thought Catalog article that highlights 23 things we could all be doing better everyday.

Also, this epicness:

I’m not a huge fan of Cosmo, but I’m liking this article about why it’s smart to be an early riser. We all know this is a huge problem for me – literally a constant struggle.

Did you know these 7 beauty routines could be sabatoaging your appearance?

As if I needed an excuse – here are 19 scientific reasons for taking naps.

And finally, my personal favorite: What your favorite shoe says about you. Scarily accurate.


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