It’s Monday, the weather sucks. Blah blah blah. Does it seem like the winter is dragging on FOREVER? Or is it just me? The groundhog saw its’ shadow so more winter is on the way. Sweet. Here are a few nuggets to get you through the week:

Fashion week is quickly approaching. Lauren Conrad gives us six fun facts about fashion week.

Quite a question: Do bloggers live the trends or set the trends? Interesting points.

For all you Pretty Little Liars fans out there – no matter how old – Aeropostale has given us a PLL clothing line. Oh yes, I need this shirt:


And the saga continues, I’m not a morning person, we all know this by now – the HuffPost tells us how to kick the snooze button habit. Once your awake, check out these 10 tips for a more productive day.

Can we talk about how great this is? If Cards Against Humanity were written for fashion.

The best thing ever: the 50 best TV quotes this year:


A fun twist on an old favorite: Stylecaster shows us how to wear bluejeans:


Ah, Buzzfeed quizes. Which musical are you? I got Wicked.

And finally: Going shopping this week? Check out these ‘cheap’ celeb finds. (Ok, cheap for celebs anyway.)

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