Happy Friday! Links I Love

Happy Friday everyone! It’s 60 and sunny here in WV and I am LOVING it! So excited for the weekend ahead. Here are a few things that are inspiring me or caught my eye this week:

I’m loving this casual look from one of my favorite bloggers, Jess from Here&Now:

Also, we get a peek inside SJP’s home in Vogue’s 73 with SJP interview. Having major home and fashion envy.

13 Things Men Think Women Do To Impress Them (lol- no guys, no)

21 Things you suddenly start wanting in your 20s. So true.

Also, Jennifer Lawrence took her bff to the Oscar’s with her, and she did a blog post about it. It’s hilarious. Read it here. 

This is strange, and somewhat accurate, but here’s what American themed parties look like around the world.

There is a Twitter called Middle Class Problems, and it is hilarious.

From WhoWhatWear: Fashion Hacks your mom didn’t know  to tell you.

Which 90s style icon are you?? I got Cher Horoitz, so I’m thinking this is pretty accurate.

Finally, I’m loving Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere’s advice for her high school self. I think we would all give ourselves this advice.

Happy weekend kids! xoxo

One response to “Happy Friday! Links I Love

  1. Haha I’m loving 13 things men think women do to impress them!! Love your blog — If you’re up for it, stop by Color Me Courtney

    XO Courtney

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