Wedding Wednesday: Picking the venue

Picking our location was the first step for S and I after getting engaged. We originally wanted to get married in Athens, OH (where we met and both attended school) but I also really wanted to get married in my hometown of Charleston, W.Va. (also because for out-of-town folks, it’s much easier to get to) which is where we ultimately decided to do the deed.

I have always held the belief that your wedding should be a reflection of your relationship. So while a beach wedding might work for some, it wouldn’t work for S and I. We talked for a long time (even before we were engaged) about having our reception in an airplane hangar because – how perfect, right! But a state capitol/airplane hangar wedding!? Totally works. (Me = politics, him = pilot, in case you for some reason didn’t know.)

We decided on Charleston after I had the idea of having our ceremony at the state capitol:


I have a vision of something like the above picture for our ceremony. The best thing about the state capitol is that it’s NO COST to reserve a space. We do have to provide all seating and any decorations we might want, but the building itself is so beautiful, we really won’t have to do much!

And for the reception:


I love the idea of having an airplane or two in the hangar, and I love the paper airplane garland! HAVE to incorporate that somehow. My mom and I plan on buying yards and yards of tulle and lots of white Big Lots Christmas lights for the ceiling. #FrugalFashionista wedding!

All in all, I think these two venues reflect our relationship to a T (sans camo!), just like as I mentioned above, any wedding should.

Be sure to follow along in my planning journey on Pinterest!

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