Travel Chic

This weekend we are roadtripping to Ohio for a former roommates wedding. Rooooooadddd triiipppppp. So naturally, I’m sharing with you what I’m wearing for the trip there (and I can’t wait to share the budget buy I found to wear to the wedding itself!). This is the perfect travel outfit because literally every piece I’m wearing is SO comfy. These jeans feel worn-in even though they’re relatively new

grey sweater_ballet flats_nov14


Can we talk for a second about these beautiful ballerina flats? I’ve been lusting after the Chloe ballet flats since I saw Lo Bosworth post them on her Insta. Of course I didn’t love the $400 price tag, so I began my search for a budget pair and came across these from Urban Outfitters for just $30! I love a good bargain – and the best part about them is that they’ve been extremely comfy from wear 1. You just can’t beat that.

What’s your favorite travel look?

Happy styling! xoxo -A

One response to “Travel Chic

  1. Looks nice and comfy. I love the shoes!

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