Links I Love + Style Inspo

Happy Saturday ladies!:) I would like to start this post off by sharing a little story:

Earlier this week, I decided to finally bite the bullet and go buy new workout shoes. I decided to hit the DSW near my house. After trying on several pair of cross training shoes, I finally found a pair I wanted to buy.. for $80. My eyeballs immediately started flashing dollar signs I’m sure, but I headed back to the clearance section, just to see what they had to offer. I almost immediately found the SAME PAIR of shoes in a slightly different color for 70% off. Yes. Obviously, I bought them. I also got this pair on slip-ons. With a coupon, I ended up getting two pairs of shoes for under $30 and saving approx $120. My life, guys. I am the queen of bargain shopping.

I’d been on the fence about these all-the-rage shoes, but at such a price who wouldn’t snatch them up? Here’s my style inspo (since it’s warming back up this weekend!):


Ok, now for some link love:


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