Best Beauty Buys: Make Your Blowout Last

Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Perhaps you’re laying around (maybe in elastic pants, maybe with your pants unbuttoned) wallowing in pumpkin pie – sounds like you need something to read!

Even though I have super fine hair, I don’t wash it every day. I generally go every other day so my [already dry because it’s blonde] hair doesn’t get even worse. When I style my day-old hair I have a few go-to products:

From Left: Umberto Dry Oil Spray, Umberto Shine Spray, Bastiste Dry Shampoo in Blonde, L'Oreal Root Boost Spray

From Left: Umberto Dry Oil Spray, Umberto Shimmer Shine Spray, Bastiste Dry Shampoo in Blonde, L’Oreal Root Boost Spray

Generally the night before my second-day hair (usually right after leaving the gym, once my hair is no longer sweaty) I put baby powder in my hair. I do this because it’s great for absorbing oil, but smells well.. like a baby. So I don’t like to use it when anyone but my fiance might catch a whiff.

The morning of: I start by dry shampooing my hair with my Bastiste dry shampoo, then brush out the excess, flip my hair upside down and blow dry for some volume. I then spray the dry oil on my ends ONLY (I think you can guess why).

I kid you not, this dry oil makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! My ends look sad and split (even when they’re not) if I don’t use this stuff. After the oil absorbs, I straighten any wild sections and try to fix my bangs a little then spray my roots with the volume spray (which is incredibly inexpensive and works great!).

The last step, of course, is the shine spray (again, pretty much only on the lower half of my head). And there you have it! Day-old hair no more – your locks will look fresh and happy!

The best part? None of these products are over $15!

Happy [hair] styling and Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo -A

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