SAG Awards: Best and Worst

Ok loyal readers, I’m bringing back my award show best and worst. If you’ve been with me since the beginning (Sam- this is for you!) you remember my awards show best and worst recaps of years past. I’ve since strayed from doing them, but I’m back baby!

I think it’s also worth noting I wrote this while eating pasta. Nothing like staring at over-tanned and dieted celebs while eating a bowl of carbs. In my defense, it was ‘healthy’ pasta.

So here are my tops from last night  – who absolutely killed in, in my opinion (in no particular order):

1. Sarah Hyland in custom Vera Wang. Love the detail on the top, the V, the skirt. Sarah usually kills it on the Red Carpet (being young, she can pull off almost anything) and this was no different:

Image via

2. Joann Foggett in Honor. Wow, just wow. That dress is everything.

Image via

3. Maisie Williams in ?. Tea length is perfect for her age. Love he color on her skin. It shows just enough skin and isn’t inappropriate like so many young people are these days:

via E! Online

4. Keira Knightly in Erdem. Quite the upgrade from the atrocity of the Golden Globes. The purple is a good color on her and loved her hair.

Image via E! Online.5. . She’s truly a class act.

5. Felicity Jones in Belinciaga. She’s truly a class act and she’s been killin’ it this award season. Her simple yet incredibly chic dresses are stunning.

Image via E! Online.

6. Reese Witherspoon is custom Armani. Full disclosure: Reese can do no wrong in my book. Lately she’s been doing simple but stunning dresses, and let me tell you, this woman knows how to dress her body:

Imagine via

7. Emma Stone in Dior. Not sure I actually love this, but she’s so down to earth (or so she seems) it’s hard not to love her in whatever she wears. I think it works for her, on anyone else, probably not. Kinda seems like a nod to her Cabaret character, too.

The Worst:

1. Taryn Manning in Elisabetta Franchi. No. Just no. I’ll fitting, icky color and IT’S WRINKLED. Gah come on, someone should have been following her around with a steamer. I just want her to get it right. Just once.

Image via

2. Kelly Macdonald in ?. The length, the shoes.. where do I begin? The dress and makeup/hair are nice but definitely not for the SAG awards. It just doesn’t work as a cohesive look.

Image via E! Online.

3. Amanda Peet in J. Mendel. Unflattering Unflattering Unflattering.

Image via

4. Edit Falco in Randi Rahm. I’m pretty sure someone wore this to my high school prom (I believe it was purchased from DEB), and it was ill-fitting in the bust then, too.

Image via

5. Juliane Moore in Givenchy. I’ll give her the color, very flattering with the hair, but the dress itself is hideous. Just hideous. And yes, I realize I’ll probably catch some flack for this one but I just don’t like it. Tailoring people, tailoring.

Image via

6. Nimrat Kaur in ?? I think this one speaks for itself.

Image via

7. Jennifer Anniston in vintage Galiano. Too much boob. Not a good color. Just no thank you. I usually dig Jennifer Anniston’s all black simplicity, but not feelin’ it here:

Image via

8. Rosamund Pike in Dior. She doesn’t look bad per se, but seriously.. what is happening here? It’s like a garbage bag with embellishments.

Image via

What did you think of last nights SAG fashion? Which were your best and worst? Please share by commenting!

Happy styling!

xoxo -A


3 responses to “SAG Awards: Best and Worst

  1. Disagree with you on Emma Stone. That dress was awful!

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