Grammy’s 2015: Best and Worst

Well, the Grammy’s happened.Probably the most ‘fun’ awards show of the season when it comes to fashion. Can we talk about Gaga rocking out to ACDC!? Lady Gaga’s crazy grandma, er, Madonna, being too old for what she was wearing, Pharrell as a bellhop and Sia + Kristin Wiig!? SO here are my best and worst from last night’s red carpet:


1. Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace. Wow. Gorgeous. Love the lip, LOVE the chignon in back. She nailed it. Classy yet edgy. Everything the Grammy’s should be in my opinion:

2. Kat Graham in Yanina. Wow. Sheer, sexy, fun. This is gorgeous.

3. Miranda Lambert. full disclosure: Miranda, like my girl Reese, can do no wrong in my book. I love the pops of pink and the cutouts, and I LOVE a good column dress. But seriously, she looks amazing.


4. Katy Perry in Zuhair Marad. The photos of this dress don’t even do it justice. Her hair was beautiful, her dress shimmered in just the right way. She’s become such a classy lady and I love it.


5. Taylor Swift in Elie Saab. This color combo is everything. I love the emerald/seafoam green with pink – seriously love. This girl can obviously do no wrong. She just gets it.


6. Kimberly Perry in ? She’s stunning! I have to say, I think America’s country diva’s, though often overlooked, continuously kill it on the red carpet:


1. Charlie XCX aka Elsa Mars. She said she wanted to do something 80s… but she’s just a hot mess. If she ditched the fur it maybe wouldn’t be terrible. And what’s the deal with the stripper shoes that match the bow tie?!


2. Madonna as a matador? Really!? Doesn’t she realize she’s just too old for this ridiculousness!? Her antics make me angry for some reason. 


3. Katherine McPhee. This look would have been fabtastic but the hair. It’s so bad. She looks like she just jumped out of the pool, or like she hasn’t washed her hair maybe ever. What stylist seriously sends someone to the red carpet like this!?


4. Kim Kardashian West in John Paul Gautier. I think something I saw on Twitter describes it best, ‘It looks like Michael Jackson’s bathrobe’ Yes, and the too-long sleeves are bad. I may be one of the few who think that her fashion went downhill when she got with Kanye:


or, a WWE wrestler:


5. Joy Villa in… a fence. This one comes at special request from Seth. He insisted this go on the list because, seriously, what the F***!?


And there you have it, my best at worst from last night. Do you agree? Disagree? Who’d I miss, in your opinion?

Dress accordingly! xoxo -A

One response to “Grammy’s 2015: Best and Worst

  1. I will never NOT love Taylor. She’s such a classy lady! I surprisingly also liked Nicki Minaj’s look. And I agree- Gwen Stefani was on point!
    Randi | Randi with an i

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