Newlywed Christmas Traditions

As a newlywed, the hubs and I have really focused on creating our own Christmas traditions, despite his work schedule. (The life of a pilot wife amiright!?) Since we don’t typically celebrate Christmas on actual Christmas, we’ve begun our own traditions for December:

  1. Decorating the tree together. The first day after Thanksgiving that we’re both home, we put up the Christmas tree and other decorations while listening to Christmas music.
This year's tree.

This year’s tree.

2. Annual ice skating adventure. I only force Seth to go ice skating with me once a year since it’s way fun for me, but maybe not so much for him. He’s a good sport about it. We always try to go to an outdoor rink with a lovely tree to gaze at. Since moving to Cincinnati, the rink at Fountain Square is the new go-to.

Ice skating at Fountain Square.

Ice skating at Fountain Square.

3. A new tradition: board games. This year, Seth and I decided since we’re going to Chicago for New Year’s, to do small stocking stuffer-type gifts. Part of his gift to me was traditional board games – Life, Monopoly and Clue. We spent several days together playing games all day – so much fun and a tradition I hope we keep up for years to come.


Breakfast with a side of Life.

4. Holiday movies. We have a handful of movies we watch every year, no fail. Check out our favorites:

xmas movies

We always watch Home Alone 1&2, Christmas Vacation and It’s A Wonderful Life. I also love watching Elf and White Christmas every year.

Creating our own traditions has been fun over the past few years, and it’s particularly special since this year is our first ‘married Christmas’. We typically celebrate Christmas between the two of us when we can find time before actual Christmas. It’s important to me to have a some one-on-one time.

Matching shirts. Not lame!

Matching shirts. Not lame!

What are your Christmas traditions!? Share!

xx -A

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