Hometown Holiday Traditions

Merry Christmas everyone! Today, I’m sharing some of my family’s traditions…

Growing up, my family adhered to several annual traditions: we exchanged gifts with my extended family at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve after a party at my Great Aunt’s house, then Christmas morning it was all about the gifts from Santa and my parents. I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs to see what Santa had left for me until the video camera was all set up, since Santa didn’t wrap his gifts for me.

These days, my family Christmas traditions are somewhat different, but I still value them all the same. Nowadays, I sleep in quite a bit more than the too-excited-to-sleep kid waiting for Santa to come. My mom always has cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven, which are a delicious Christmas treat. This year, I’m thinking about trying these crockpot cinnamon rolls. Holy delicious!

Image via Pinterest.

I love that A Christmas Story is on TBS all day on Christmas. The last few years, I’ve been watching it on Christmas Eve before bed, and then a few times throughout Christmas Day. The movie plays in the background all day while we cook and prep for family to arrive for a meal. A non-purposeful tradition that I’ve come to love.

Image via Google.

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