Golden Globes 2015 – Best and Worst

It’s that time of year again, ya’ll. Awards season is here which means the fashion obsessed of the world (aka me) can rest easy knowing we’ve got a handful of upcoming events to fight our winter blues. So here are my favorite and least favorites from last night:


Juliane Moore. I live for this metallic blue with her red hair. She rarely disappoints on the red carpet.

She looked even more gorgeous when presenting last night.. the dress looked red on stage (which I liked even better) but she can do no wrong.

Laverne Cox literally can do no wrong. STUNNING.

Joanne Froggatt lands on my best dressed list all the time. She gets it! This dove grey with lilac hues is stunning. (And can I say I’m so sad she never wins when she’s nominated!)




Helen Mirren is proof that style knows no age. She’s a class act.

I am loving what Gaga has become such a class act. Gorgeous, stunning.

…Plus Leo’s reaction as she walked up to accept her award.. #amiright!?

Michaela Watkins.. this pink! I love it.

…and now for the worst: 

I usually LOVE J.Law’s looks.. but I just could not get behind this dress. It didn’t look like it was properly tailored. Red is definitely her color, though.

I love Rachel McAdams, and usually love her looks but this looks like she Scarlet O’hara’ed some curtains to make her dress. Blech.

Just… no. Naked Snuffalufagus.

I have to preface this with Kate is gorgeous and can actually wear anything, but this is just not cute. I think it would be better without the choker around the neck. Idk. This just doesn’t do it for me.

The sleeves kill this dress. So bad. Also she looks incredibly uncomfortable – her face says its all.

Why Jane Fonda, why. She is such a gorgeous woman and the top of this dress looks like a tutu/ballgown gone wrong.

What did you guys think of last nights Golden Globes? I was generally underwhelmed by the fashion, but thought the show definitely had its moments.

Share your best and worst!

xx -A

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