Closet Clean-Out: Tips & Tricks

If you know me, you probably know that in my house, our too-small-for-an-actual-bedroom third bedroom has turned into my closet. *monkey hands over eyes emoji* It’s totally fine. Last weekend, I decided to clean out my closet AND rearrange and reorganize.


It was a serious undertaking, as I have a lot of crap and let’s be honest, most of us ladies are hoarders not the best at getting rid of stuff..


Having literally just gone through this process, I thought I would share my tips for cleaning out your closet, as well as a mini-‘tour’ of my newly organized and rearranged closet.


  1. Items to sell. For me, these are items that no longer fit or go along with your style. Since I don’t clean out my closet very often, this was the majority of the things I wanted to remove from my closet. I use Poshmark to sell my clothes because it’s so simple to list/sell and ship pieces. (You can visit my closet here!)
  2. Items to donate. There were quite a few items (like basic Tshirts, etc.) that just didn’t make sense to sell since they weren’t overly expensive to begin with.
  3. Toss. I had quite a few pieces in my closet that I’d worn so much they weren’t worth selling. My advice: don’t even try. Clothes with too much wear devalue the like new pieces that can sell.
  4. Items to replace. I had quite a few items that were too small or too worn that it was time to replace. My best advice would be to make a list of those items you want to replace and only allow yourself to add those pieces to your closet. For me, those pieces were a trench coat, faux leather pencil skirt and a few other pencil skirts (among other items).


If you no longer like it, don’t keep it. If it no longer fits, you really shouldn’t keep it (even if you still like it). Put it on your list of items to replace.


On whether you should create a capsule wardrobe: 

There are lots of stylists and bloggers out there who advocate for a capsule wardrobe to make getting dressed easier everyday. This, however, means you have to stick to a color palette and somewhat limit the style of clothing you purchase. This is not for everyone. If you’re interested, this is a good guide.


On organization: I highly recommend color-coding your closet, no matter what the size. My closet is organized by type of item (skirt, top, pant, vest, etc.) and then organized by color. You can also go one step further by organizing based on type of (for example) top, etc.



Bonus tip: If you have costume jewelry you just don’t wear, toss it. Immediately. It just takes up insane amounts of space in your closet and makes it more difficult to find the items you actually wear.

Remember, you can see what I’m selling by visiting my Poshmark closet here! I have listed tons of items that are like-new or have never been worn!

Dress accordingly,

xx -A

4 responses to “Closet Clean-Out: Tips & Tricks

  1. Seriously such a great post! I live in a one-bedroom apartment and struggle with organization and keeping things clean!

  2. chelseandimarco

    Great post, Annie! I’ve been putting off my spring closet cleaning, but you inspired me to start today. PS – Your shoe collection is amaaaazing ❤

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