SoS Travels: Great Smoky Mountains

Hump Daaaaaaay is officially here, which means we’re finally halfway to the weekend. Last weekend, Seth and I headed to Gatlinburg, TN on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains to attend the wedding of one of Seth’s best friends (who also was in our wedding).

We love to hike, so we were thrilled to head down a day early and get in a solid day hike. After doing some research, we decided to hike Mt. LeConte, which was first ‘discovered’ and a small lodge was built in the 1920s. You can camp there, but since we were just doing a day hike, we just stopped for lunch before heading back down the mountain for wedding festivities.


We totally lucked out and happened to be in the mountains when they weren’t so ‘smoky‘ aka it was great visibility. We got a late-ish start are didn’t actually start our hike until about 10am, but we got to the top after the clouds burnt off, so it ended up working out perfectly.


It was pretty nuts to see snow still on the ground. I joked that the snow we saw near the top was the most snow I’d seen all year.





You’ve probably seen this photo if you follow along on Instagram (if not, definitely follow along!)



The creek was SUPER inviting at the end of our hike. I seriously wanted nothing more than to cool my heels in the icy water, but we had to get back for wedding festivities, so we headed back.


If you enjoy hiking, I highly recommend the Smokies. I’m not a huge fan of the touristy city of Gatlinburg, but the hiking makes it worth the trip, no doubt.

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Annie Signoff


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