What to wear to… Memorial Day

Ok so… Memorial Day is not an actual destination, but you get the drift It’s definitely a holiday in which we should pay tribute to and remember the fallen. So I tend to dress at least somewhat Patriotic.

Memorial Day for me also serves at the gateway to summertime, and what better to ring in the best part of the year than in a gingham matching set!?

Gingham Matching Set: Old Navy, Wedges: Payless (purchased approx 2 years ago), Lip:

Gingham Matching Set: Old Navy (on sale!!), Wedges: Payless (purchased approx 2 years ago)

You may have seen how I styled the shorts in another patriotic look here, but wanted to wait to break out the matching set until it was a.

I will be the first to admit I was initially skeptical that I could actually pull off a matching set. But when I noticed the Old Navy near my house had them both in stock, I absolutely had to at least try it on. I immediately loved how cute this looked and had to have it.





I love the buttons up the back of the tank. Such a fun little detail:




This pretty little set is going to be on heavy rotation (it already is!) In fact, I packed it for my little trip to the Southwest, so you’ll likely be seeing it in a recap post in the next couple of weeks.

Dress accordingly,

Annie Signoff

2 responses to “What to wear to… Memorial Day

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  2. Beautiful! I love the buttons up the back.

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