Oh why oh why oh….

did I leave Ohio…maybe it’s time to go home. Beuller, Beuller? I digress…

After a short hiatus, I’m comin’ atcha from OHIO with a post I’m super excited to share with you guys! First of all, I’m officially an Ohioan again!

Backstory – I have been living in northern Kentucky for the past couple of years, which really is basically Cincinnati, since it’s right across the river. BUT I got a new job a few months ago on the northern side of town, and the drive was slowly killing me, so we relocated. Living out of boxes will hopefully come to an end soon, but for now we’re just happy to be back in the state!

Enter: Clothe Ohio. When they reached out to me, I read a little about the brand and was immediately impressed. I couldn’t think of a better way to welcome myself back to Ohio, than sharing some killer [Ohio] duds for a great cause: 

Tee: Clothe Ohio, Skirt: H&M, Wedges: Crown Vintage, Sunglasses: Amazon

Cincinnati Tee: Clothe Ohio c/o, Skirt: H&M, Wedges: Crown Vintage, Sunglasses: Gabes 

So what’s the story behind Clothe Ohio? For every piece of clothing you buy, they send a Tshirt or sweatshirt to an Ohioan in need. Pretty awesome, right!? Shopping for a cause is a movement I can certainly get behind.





Sweatshirt: Clothe Ohio c/o, Shorts: Old Navy, Wedges: Crown Vintage, Sunnies: Amazon



I was SUPER excited about this ‘Birthplace of Aviation’ tee. Ya’ll know I’m an #avgeek at heart (hello, my husband is a pilot and I used to also work in the industry) so I had to have it:


Tee: Clothe Ohio c/o, Shorts: Old Navy, Birks: Old Navy



I highly encourage you to go check out Clothe Ohio‘s site, and help some Ohioians in need by purchasing one of their awesome pieces.

Dress accordingly,

Annie Signoff


2 responses to “Oh why oh why oh….

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  2. i’m not an ohioan, but i love those 🙂

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