What to pack for the beach

What is it about packing that I can never seem to start in advance? I definitely think about what I want to bring with me, but never do I actually start to pack.

Until now.

Perhaps because I’m in such need of a vacation, but prepping for my trip next week, I’m ON IT.


Bag & Hat: Target, Sandals: Make Me Chic c/o, Earrings: H&M, Lotion: Hawaiian Tropic 

First things first – you need a beach bag. I found this gem on clearance at Target and HAD to have it – I love the color and the tassel detail (it goes with my pom sandals!) and it’s SO roomy. Crucial for long beach days when you need towels, magazines, books, sunscreen and – ahem, drinks.


I never work on my tan without this Hawaiian Tropic lotion in tow. Not only does it minimize sunburn, but it makes you skin literally glow. Yeah, you need it.


Much to my family’s chagrin, these pom sandals are definitely coming with me to the beach. They’re SO fun, plus they match my beach bag.


Though I’m not much of a hat wearer day-to-day, all bets are off at the beach (#beachhairdontcare) so a panama hat is crucial.


I love versatile cover-ups that can do double duty as streetwear, and this palm print button-up does just that. I love it with these bright tassel earrings!



What are your beach must-haves? What did I miss? Share!

Dress accordingly,

Annie Signoff

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