Sullivan’s Island Favorites

Whenever we visit the Charleston, SC area, we pretty much always head over to Sullivan’s Island for dinners, since there aren’t too many places on IOP to have lunch or dinner. It’s only about a 20 minute drive from where we usually stay, so it’s really perfect, and there are SO many places to choose from in such a small main drag area.


One thing I always love to do at least once while on our neighbor island is check out Ft. Moultrie. Not only does it offer a very long and rich history, but there are also some great views of the Charleston Harbor.






Poe’s Tavern is a serious favorite of mine. They’re really known for their burgers, but I always go for the tacos. Porch sitting with a cold drink and great food – what more could you need?  Edgar Allan Poe was stationed on Sullvian’s when he was in the army, so they named a restaurant after him:



I highly recommend getting there for lunch or on a week night if you want a good seat, as it’s self-seating and a seat on the porch is a high commodity.



Sullivan’s Restaurant – some of my favorite seafood. It’s right across the street from Poe’s. Plus they have hush puppies… and we all know about y love for #carbz. Sullivan’s is a must-visit for sure. We love it so much we went twice while on our trip.


Taco Mamacita is right down the street and I’m going to be bold here.. I think they were the best tacos I’ve ever had in my life. Yep, shots fired.




Those nachos, those tacos, that Mexican street corn. All the foods. SO good. I was with Seth and both sets of our parents and we were all genuinely so thrilled with how our food turned out. I wish we’d been able to go back for a second meal, because I seriously dream about these tacos.


What are some of your favorites? Have you been to Sullivan’s or any of the afforementioned restaurants?

Dress accordingly,

Annie Signoff

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