Friday Faves

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I’m super excited for this Friday in particular because I’m heading to the motherland Athens to celebrate Homecoming. I’m probably most excited about the foods I plan to consume – Bagel Street Deli, O’Betty’s, Courtside Pizza to name a few – but also to see some of my favorite friends and really just to be back on the brick streets. We didn’t really get to celebrate our anniversary because we were both working, so heading back to where we met will be a much-welcomed trip.

I wanted to also share a few life lately snaps:


My look from the Style + Sustainability Gala last weekend – full post coming on this one next week! 


Gorgeous sunset at a work event earlier this week. 


Stickers from some of my favorite local breweries.


Brisket tacos. ‘Nuff said. 


Gorgeous view from our anniversary dinner last night. 

I’ve got an extensive wish list for fall/winter including:

Have a great weekend!

Annie Signoff


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