An evening at Sia Spa

A few weeks ago, the ladies of Thread Cincinnati and I were invited to Sia Spa for an evening of pampering.


I got a mini-pedi and a blowout and it was FANtastic. The ladies who work there are SO nice, and they are incredibly knowledgeable. I was lucky enough to win a $500 spa day during the event and got to go back for a massage, dermaplane facial, mani/pedi and (my first! – don’t judge) brow waxing.

The facial and wax were in my opinion the best part. With a dermaplane facial, they actually use a scalpel to remove all the hairs on your face. It did WONDERS for my skin. I’m still seeing the effects several weeks later.

I’m also now a firm believer in frequent brow waxing by someone who actually knows what they’re doing (not just doing it on my own…).

I can’t recommend Sia Spa enough – you’ve got to check it out. They’re conveniently located in Kenwood, so you can have a shopping and spa day.







I felt like a full on beauty queen after my first blowout – I couldn’t get enough of how good my hair looked!



Dress accordingly,

Annie Signoff

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