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iPhone lately

It’s time for another update from my iPhone. I take a ton of pictures that don’t make it to the blog/Instagram/social media, so here are a few snaps of life lately:

So happy it's warm enough for leisurely family dog walks.

So happy it’s warm enough for leisurely family dog walks.

What I wore for the UK game: Top & Necklace: C.Russe (old), Jeans: Gap, Heels: Shoedazzle

What I wore for the UK game: Top & Necklace: C.Russe (old), Jeans: Gap, Heels: Shoedazzle

Easter Sunday church! My dress is from Macy's several years ago and my pumps are GoJane. (More on those later this week.)

Easter Sunday church! My dress is from Macy’s several years ago and my pumps are GoJane. (More on those later this week.)

Beautiful tulips my hunnie brought home:)

Beautiful tulips my hunnie brought home:)

We made an impromptu trip to Athens on Friday night:

Mango bomb and a Blackout. Mallory & Katie - this one goes out to you.

Mango bomb and a Blackout. Mallory & Katie – this one goes out to you.

Cats Eye. Yes.

Cats Eye. Yes.

O'Bettys chili cheese fries. The perfect most epic splurge.

O’Bettys chili cheese fries. The perfect most epic splurge.

Happy Monday!

xoxo -A

Navy hi-lo

Do you have those pieces in your closet that you’ve had for so long you forget you have them? I’ve had this navy dress since college (actually purchased at a local boutique in Athens, OH – Artifacts woo woo!), and sometimes totally forget I have it, even though I love it.

When I saw this outfit post on fellow Bobcat Corals & Cognacs’ blog the other day, it reminded me of how much I love my very similar navy dress:

Love Hallie’s style!

Dress&Belt: Artifacts (Athens, OH), Shoes: Michael Antonio via DSW, RIng: F21

Dress&Belt: Artifacts (Athens, OH), Shoes: Michael Antonio via DSW, RIng: F21


Memorial Day Weekend in Photos

Well, this weekend was a whirlwind to say the least. Spent Friday in Pittsburgh, then headed to Athens for Saturday/Sunday afternoon, and ended the weekend getting stuff done around the house and riding bikes.

Friday, I was inspired to break out the white shoes:

Top: H&M, Scarf: unknown (maybe Francesca's), Skinnies: Charlotte Russe, Loafers: Target

Top: H&M, Scarf: unknown (maybe Francesca’s), Skinnies: Charlotte Russe, Loafers: Target

Saturday, we headed to the Motherland aka Athens. It was SO GREAT to have my feet back on the bricks:

Having a beer in the summer on Jackie O's patio is heaven.

Having a beer in the summer on Jackie O’s patio is heaven.

Cheese curds and deep fried pickles followed by...

Cheese curds and deep fried pickles followed by…

My favorite pizza ever = Jackie O's Mediterranean

My favorite pizza ever = Jackie O’s Mediterranean

Team SMC shenanigans at the CI

Team SMC shenanigans at the CI

Had to stop by and rub the nose of the Scripps Statue (and see the new JSchool!!)

Had to stop by and rub the nose of the Scripps Statue (and see the new JSchool!!)

Washed and waxed my car on Monday!

Washed and waxed my car on Monday!

Then went Jeepin'

Then went Jeepin’!

Frugal Fashionista: Wedding Edition

We all know how expensive weddings are and trying to plan a wedding on a twenty-something budget is event harder! One of my favorite frugal fashionistas and bffs Nicole is planning her wedding for this October in St. Louis and she needs YOUR HELP!

Nicole from Between the Married and Me is in a contest to win $300 worth of flowers for her wedding from Blooms by the Box!

All you have to do, is click the picture below and then LIKE the photo itself on Facebook to vote for them! Voting ends THIS SUNDAY the 13th at NOON so please like their page so they can be frugally fabulous and save some money on beautiful flowers! 

Click this picture, then LIKE the picture on Facebook to help Nicole & Ben win $300 worth of flowers for their wedding!

Also, while you’re at it, Nicole’s wedding blog is spot on with a touch of humor.. definitely go check it out!

Click this photo to check out Nicole’s blog!

{Long} Weekend in Photos + Game Day Fashion

I spent a fantastic long weekend back in Athens, Ohio for Homecoming Weekend. It was my first official Homecoming as a real-life alumni. Seth and I also spent a few days at his parents’ house and went to the Fairfield County Fair:

With my chocolate-covered frozen cheesecake. HOLY AMAZING!

With my chocolate-covered frozen cheesecake. HOLY AMAZING!

Posted on my favorite ledge at my favorite bar, The Cats Eye upon my arrival in Athens.

Posted on my favorite ledge at my favorite bar, The Cats Eye upon my arrival in Athens.

With Seth and my seester Nicole who I haven't seen since we both graduated,

With Seth and my seester Nicole who I haven’t seen since we both graduated,

Outside Scripps Hall, our school of Journalism, with my bff and favorite PR Star, Sam.

Outside Scripps Hall, our school of Journalism, with my bff and favorite PR Star, Sam.

At the Homecoming Game. We lost, but we had enough beers to forget that slight detail pretty quickly.

At the Homecoming Game. We lost, but we had enough beers to forget that slight detail pretty quickly.

Well this is just adorable.

Well this is just adorable.

Ok it wouldn’t be a blog post of mine if I didn’t tell you what I wore. I got this JCPenny sweater (now on sale! although it was on even more on sale when I got it) and paired it with my favorite new boots (from F21, mine are taupe and no longer offered online but they are shown in black!). The scarf I wore, pictured above is from Gap, last year but they have similar styles this season! I got my quilted cross body from Gabes for $1!


What is your favorite game day fashion?

All in all, we had a great weekend and got to see SO many wonderful friends we hadn’t seen in a long time. Success!!






Job Searching 101: Tips to finding your first job!

As someone who is graduating (round two, but for real this time!) in May, the job search has been in full swing for me for the past month or so. Here’s what I’ve learned: the job search is scary. Especially for us ‘PR people’ who are planners. We don’t like not knowing what we’re having for lunch today, much less where we’ll be in two months.

A couple weeks ago, I attended the OU Alumni Association’s first annual DC Networking Week with fellow MPA Crescent Gallagher (he did a great post about job searching, check it out here!). The trip was highly informative and gave some great perspective on job searching, from where to begin to the questions to ask once you’ve gotten the offer:

1. Decide where you want to be. Your search will be MUCH easier if it’s narrowed down to 2-3 cities. But do your research. Utilize your network and talk to people who work in and out of your field in the cities you are potentially interested in. What’s it like to live there? What’s the job market like? Rent, salary and cost of living expectations are important to know but it’s also important to know what it’s like to live there, especially if you’re young!

2. Utilize your networks. Because of my previous internship and work experiences, when I went to DC I was able to set up informational interviews through previous employers. No, they weren’t formal job interviews, but informational interviews are just as important. Not only are you getting your name out there for when a job may be available in the future, but you’re expanding your network and gaining knowledge about your industry and the job market (utilizing my networks led me to some awesome job listing websites that REALLY helped me). Even if you’re just meeting for a friendly coffee, getting your name out there, and doing it early on, is important.

In addition to utilizing your networks, it’s important to stay in touch with previous employers. Whether it be grabbing coffee or stopping by to visit the office when you’re in the area, or volunteering to do some ‘freelance’ work for free after your internship is over, it’s important to stay on the radar.

3. Get your social media in line. It should be a no-brainer, but make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are not only clean (Read: ‘something you would be ok with your grandmother reading’) but also reflect your personality and show your knowledge and insight of the industry(ies) that you’re job-searching in.

So you got an interview… now what?

4. Do your research. I have made the mistake of not doing enough research going into an interview, and when asked questions about the org/company I didn’t feel I knew enough. So, do your research! While you’re not expected to know everything, you should demonstrate that you’ve done your homework.

5. Make sure to ask questions. It looks bad if you don’ ask questions in an interview, even if you’re not sold on the company you’re interviewing with. Asking your interviewers what their day-to-day responsibilities are, favorite aspects of their job, or how you will be able to grow if you work there are all great questions of your potential employer.

Hopefully, if you take these steps, jobs searching won’t be too stressful. What are your job-search tips?

Make the world dance…

The last few weeks have been insanely stressful for me. It’s officially 2013, which means in just a few short months, I will be finishing grad school and will officially be thrown head first into the “real world”. So, I’ve started applying for jobs and trying to decide where I’m going to end up (Pittsburgh, DC and Charleston are my top choices).

Everyone has been posting this video on their pages lately, and it really hit home for me:

“This is life people! You got air coming through your nose! You got a heart beating! That means it’s time to do somethin!”

“Keep going, keep going, keep going. What if Michael Jordan had quit? Well, he did quit, well, retired. But BEFORE that, in high school, what if he had quit when he didn’t make the team? He would have never made Space Jam! And I love Space Jam. What will you create thaat will make the world awesome?”

“We can cry about it, or we can dance about it. We were made to be awesome. It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance. So get to it. Create something that will make the world awesome.”

I’m inspired.

Staying on Task

I’m baaaaaack! After a brief blogging hiatus (really I’ve just been preoccupied, I know I’m terrible) I’ve returned to S&S! Believe it or not, my stress level prompted my return to blogging. As you may or may not know, my university made the transistion from quarters to semesters this year. This means we transistioned from a 11 week quarter to a 16 week semester (a pretty significant difference if you’ve been on one or the other for four years). It was all going pretty well until around Thanksgiving.

Under the old system, we took our finals before Thanksgiving and didn’t return until after New Years (a blissful six week break from school). But this year, like all other semester schools, Ohio students had to come back for two more weeks of classes and one week of finals before a month-long break for the holidays. Let me tell you, I’ve been running on caffine the last few days.

One thing I can say is that I’ve never really had to manage a school workload during the holiday season, so this is all pretty new to me. It’s tough because not only is this an adjustment for students, professors are adjusting as well. This means some of my classes are… let’s say – less than organized. This, coupled with the fact that I’m ready to be relaxing by a fire with a book has given my stress levels a major boost. So, I’ve come up with some tips to stay focused and organized during the holiday season:

1. Make lists and deadlines for yourself. Even if your classes or job give you deadlines, make your own as well at least a day ahead of the due date, and write them down. I personally feel there is no greater feeling than crossing something off a to-do list, especially when you’re getting things done in a timely manner. Also, allow yourself a day to let your project or paper sit so you can go back and proofread with fresh eyes.

2. Allow yourself some time for things that make you feel relaxed. Oftentimes for me this is talking with loved ones, catching up on shows (thank goodness for DVR!) or doing some online Christmas shopping. Budgeting yourself this time daily or weekly will help you chill out under the pressure.

3. Sleep! Eat healthy! It’s hard to come home after a long day of class and work with a huge amount of homework looming over your head and cook yourself a meal, but it’s important. Giving your body fuel it can use to help you focus is crucial. Also, while it can be difficult, try to get enough sleep, you’ll feel so much less stressed.

Foods to combat stress.

What are your tips for staying organized and on top of work during the holi-DAZE?

This doesn’t help you at all, but it’s still pretty funny.

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.” -John Wooden

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I promise now that school is back in full swing and I’m going to start regularly posting again.

Last Monday, I started my second and final year as a Master’s of Public Administration candidate. Crazy right? I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy my time limited remaining time in Athens as much as possible.

In other news, Labor Day weekend was bittersweet. The end of lying by the pool, getting tan, drinking sweet tea on the porch is sad, but fall is probably my favorite season. I love that everything becomes pumpkin flavored and I can get cozy in layers and riding boots. Soon, the air will get cool and fresh (ignore the fact that it is 90 degrees today) and my roommate and I will carve pumpkins in our yard and roast pumpkin seeds.

The perfect fall scene.

But I think my favorite thing about fall, is that every time it comes around it feels like a fresh start. It’s a new year, a new time for organization, whether it be organizing my homework schedule, getting into a new routine (which is super refreshing) or getting my life together. Regardless of what kind of change you want to make, fall is the best time to do it. I rarely make New Year’s resolutions because there is so much pressure to stick to them, I prefer making changes in the fall.

What have I done thus far, you ask? Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve become a morning person. This semester (it’s still weird to say semesters and not quarters) I purposefully made my schedule so that I don’t have anything before 11am. This way, I can get up and get a work out in, tan, read, sip coffee and watch the news, whatever. Now, I understand this will be unrealistic when I get a full-time job, but for right now, it’s a great way to ease myself into being a morning person.

In other news, I’m taking Political Leadership, Interest groups in American Politics and Program Evaluation this semester. I’m already loving all of my classes and have participated in some VERY thought-provoking discussions about what leadership is, and what it means to be courageous. I think it’s going to be a great year. Also, I’ve been trying some great recipes in the last two weeks and plan to do a post about them soon!

PS- I recently came across the quote in the blog title and LOVE it. Great attitude to have and way to life your life.

Beauty Steps College Women Should Never Skip

As college women, our lifestyle is crazy. We stay up late on week nights studying and on weekends hanging out with our friends. Our schedules are different almost every day, and oftentimes leave us falling into bed late at night and getting up early the next morning – it’s hectic. Lifestyles like ours are unique, and can often leave us skimping on our beauty routine.

There are a few things I’ve learned I should never skip, and I’ve shared them below:

1. Get enough sleep! Many people think that sleep has nothing to do with your beauty routine, but it definitely is. A lot of the time, dark circles and swollen eyes are caused from a lack of sleep. Eight hours of sleep a night is crucial!

2. Floss! Brushing your teeth is simply not enough. They make great individual flossers that are way easier to use than regular floss. Your teeth will thank you!

3. Take your makeup off. I know it can be a hassle when all you want to do is go to bed, but by taking your makeup off, your skin will be able to breathe all night, and you’re less likely to get blackheads or zits. Plus, you’ll feel better when you wake up the next morning.

4. Use heat protector when drying and styling hair. If you’re like me, you dry and straighten or curl your hair almost every day. If you do it without using a heat protector of some kind (I like Tresemee’s version as well as Pantene’s.) then your ends will begin to split and look fried, and your hair will break off. Trust me, healthy hair is much better.

These are the steps in my routine I never skip, now here are some tricks I swear by:

  • Use Noxzema for brighter skin. I lather it on my face for approximately 20 minutes each night, and my skin stays bright.
  • Combine baking soda and water for blemish control. I use this as a spot treatment, and it works great.

What are your best tips and tricks?