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Thoughts on Bullying and Sh*t Talking…

So unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve likely seen or read something about the movie Bully, which has been given a ‘R’ rating because of the use of the ‘F’ word a few times. Basically, the movie looks at several young children who have been brutally bullied, at least one of which killed himself as a result. To me, this is a movie kids should see. Bullying runs rampant from an early age; I can remember being bullied as young as third grade.

At work yesterday some of us were chatting about the college shooting in California and multiple people brought up the question, “Why is it always males and never females?” This got me to thinking about the differences in male and female bullying.

For the most part, boys usually do physical harm like beating each other up. But girls, girls are vicious. Girls use words. Nasty words. Girls spread horrible rumors about each other, sometimes going as far as talking about each other to mutual friends. Think Mean Girls.

Girls talking about each other might be as vicious as physical harm.

When I graduated high school, I thought I was free of the ‘Sh*t talking’ type of bullying. I was sort of wrong. Girls in college might be just as bad as high school girls, the only difference being that they are less concentrated in one building. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be any kind of ‘holier than thou’ person who never talks badly about anyone else – I’ve done it. Lately, the talking badly about one another’s supposed ‘friends’ seems to have gotten so much worse, or maybe I’ve just been dragged into it without my consent.

I guess what I’m trying to say is – what’s the point? What do you accomplish my talking badly about people you supposedly consider friends? It just hurts people when they find out (and trust me, they will find out) and ruins friendships.

After seeing what it does to people, my latest challenge to myself is to stop talking badly about people, partcularly those I consider friends, behind their backs. I challenge you to do the same.

Sometimes, I think people don't get this

Things I Learned Last Week…

This past week was definitely very interesting. As the end of the quarter approaches, stress builds. My classes are backloaded this quarter, so my assignments are all pretty much due in the upcoming weeks.

I definitely learned some valuable lessons (and some simply cool discoveries):

1. Always back up your work. (Triple backup!!) I thought I lost half of my budgeting paper last week (THANK GOODNESS for OU’s IT department – one of the students found it fo me/saved me a lot of stress!) because I didn’t properly back it up. From now on, I will be saving to my thumb drive, Google docs AND emailing things to myself.

2. I have a frozen yogurt addiction. When I was home two weeks ago, I bought a carton of it to bring back to Athens because we don’t have anywhere to buy tart frozen yogurt here. It’s already gone. Can’t we get a froyo place already??

3. Downton Abbey is the most addicting show! My roommate and I decided to start season one on Netflix last night and I’m in love! The show is set in the early 20th century in England. The first episode opens with the sinking of the Titanic and moves into WWI in the second season. I don’t know if it’s peeking into a lost generation of society or what, but I absolutely love it!

4. The Ridges are creepy at night. I came up on Saturday to get some work done and stayed until after dark. Not only was walking out to my car alone a bit creepy but looking up at the giant building after reading what went on here, I was definitely creeped out.

Meanwhile, it’s now week 10 aka crunch time so here goes nothing…

Athens Bucket List

As you may have noticed, the weather in Athens is finally beginning to get warm. This means my time as an undergraduate will be coming to an end soon. With this in mind, I’ve been compiling my own Athens/OU bucket list of things every student should do sometime before they graduate.

1. Study/lay out on College Green. It may sound a little corny, but in the fall and spring hanging out on College Green is really nice.

Image Courtesy The Plain Dealer

2. Eat lunch on the court house steps. In fact, there are people out there right now munching away! On a nice day, sitting on the steps of the Courthouse and eating lunch is so nice. You can sit in the warm sun, and people watch (and there are some interesting folks in Athens!).

Athens Courthouse

3. Eat at EVERY delicious Athens restaraunt. There are SO many. Some of my favorites are:

  • Bagel Street Deli – for the best bagel sandwhiches (ever?) Great for a sit-down or take-out meal.
  • The Diner – traditional diner food and the best milkshakes & malts in Athens. Great for a family meal but also awesome to take back to your house.
  • Salaam – amazing mediterranean food. Go for a sit-down meal.
  • Soulvaki’s – another mediterranean restaraunt. They have amazing fried zuchini. Open late on weekends, and delicious on your walk home.
  • O’Betty’s – Open pretty much all day, and until 3am. Home to the best chili-cheese fries in Athens, Ohio. Cash only. Walk up to the window and order. While the line gets pretty long on late nights, it’s well worth the wait.
  • “Cheap” chinese – A term of endearment coined by students, at “Cheap” also known as Peking Express, you get rice or noodles and three sides for just $4.50 (perfect for Sunday morning brunch)
  • Lui Lui sushi Tuesday – While this restaurant is a bit more expensive, and a bit of a walk, but every Tuesday, they have buy one get one half off sushi rolls if you go to Campus Menu’s and get the coupon sent straight to your phone.

4. Stroud’s Run State Park. They have everything there! A mini-beach where students can tan, a sand volleyball court, canoe’s for rent, hiking (and it’s gorgeous!) and a shooting range. It’s super fun, especially during Spring Quarter. 

5. Visit Old Man’s Cave and the Hocking Hills. Located just outside of Athens, Old Man’s Cave makes for some gorgeous hiking, complete with  waterfalls.

6. Buy a Passion Works flower. This is something I have yet to do. Passion works with mentally disabled artists to create beautiful art. Their flowers are their most popular art.

Image courtesy

7. Attend 90s night on the green. Every year, this UPC sponsored activity is something I look forward to. You get to view 90s favorites like Boy Meets World, Fresh Prince and Hey Arnold, as well as enjoying 90s foods like Fruit by the Foot.

8. Sit outside Perk’s and people watch. Ever since coming to OU, Perk’s has been my absolute favorite coffee shop. Not only can you get a medium coffee for just $1, they have chairs and tables outside on the sidewalk where you can people-watch/study/chat with friends. Sitting right across from College Green, it’s a great location.

9. Study in the Scripps amphitheater outside Scripps. Adjacent to College Green, this location directly outside Scripps is perfect for studying, laying in the sun, people watching or hanging out with friends. (And if you’re a journalism student like me, it’s close to class!)

This is my bucket list, for more things to do before you graduate, check out UPC’s list of 100 Things to Do Before Graduation.

What’s on your bucket list?


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Happy holidays! My favorite things.

It’s officially my favorite season!! CHRISTMAS season!

I’m so excited that it’s finally the holiday season, as I get to experience my favorite things!

I am SO dreaming of going to Rockefeller center and skating at Christmastime. It’s been a dream since I was a kid, and since I’m a figure skater, it’s even more special for me.

 SNOW! I really am dreaming of a white Christmas. I’m ready to get rid of these 70 degree days and get some snow on the ground. In my opinion, that’s what makes it feel like Christmas.

We finally got snow in Athens, and I’m not even mad that it’s 12 degrees outside and I have to walk to work. Snow on the ground makes it worth it:)

Christmas lights. I wish these could become a permanent staple year-round in peoples homes.  They make me so happy when I look at them!

Peppermint hot chcocolate. I am OBSESSED with peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.  It’s the perfect remedy to a cold day and the perfect cure for a bad day in the cold weather.  As much as I complain that they are only offered during a certain time of year, I think it makes them all that more special.

Christmas Trees. There is NOTHING more beautiful than Christmas trees this time of year.  So gorgeous.  They make me so happy!