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Final week and homecoming

Last week was my final week in Washington, D.C. As I now sit in Charleston, doing my best to adjust (detox?) from big city life, I can’t help but think about my future, and hope that I get the opportunity to return to the Hill to work for Congresswoman Capito again.

I was extremely fortunate to work in an office with such passionate individuals. I’ve heard the phrase ‘it’s all about who you work for’ before, but never fully grasped what it could mean until I got to the Hill. In my job, I was asked what I specialized in, and was given opportunities to do work in those areas.

The people who work there are passionate about what they do, and love coming to work everyday. I loved the work I did, and looked forward to going to work everyday, too. I feel so fortunate to have been able to find my passion this summer.

I met some amazing people, especially in my last week there, which seemed to be the icing on the cake of an amazing summer.

Look out Washington, I’ll be back.

Here are some photos from my last week:

The Congresswoman and myself on my last day.

Congressional baseball game at National's Stadium.


This weekend I had the pleasure of having two of my best friends (and fellow skaters on the skating team at OU) visit me here in D.C.

The weekend started off great with an evening trip on Friday

The crew outside Georgetown Cupcake.

We stopped for dinner at Serendipity3, and got a frozen hot chocolate:

Our yummy frozen hot chocolate.

We headed out after that, and had a great time! Then on Saturday we headed to the Eastern Market, then went to my favorite museum, the American History museum, and stopped for lunch at DC-3, a hotdog restaurant that specializes in specialty hotdogs from different states (they have one from W.Va. with chili and slaw):

One of the walls at DC-3

Colbert painting from his show.

The ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz

Sunday, we laid by the pool and then headed to Georgetown for lunch at la Madeline and some walking around/shopping. In the evening, we went to see the national monuments at night, as I’ve heard they’re beautiful. They really were, I highly recommend going.

 Megan and I at the Lincoln Memorial at night.
Megan and I at the Lincoln Memorial.

This is my last week in the District, and I’m seriously depressed to be leaving. I love this city.

Independence Day

This weekend was an absolute blur – but in the absolute best way possible.

Friday we got off work early, so we decided to snap some photos outside the front of the Capitol:

Outside the Capitol

Then we did some lying by the pool, and when our friends got into town, we went to the National Mall to walk around. There was a Folk festival going on, so there was a ton of live music. We showed everyone around the Capitol, and the building where I work, and we stumbled into the Botanic Garden:

Inside the Botanic Gardens

Saturday, we went to Eastern Market in the morning and got some delicious chips and guacamole and some of my absolute favorite candied pecans (worth the trip alone).

Sunday, we headed to the Air and Space Museum (my third trip there that I can remember). I feel like I see something new every time I go. Naturally, the ‘air’ side is most interesting to me – I’m mesmerized every single time!

Air and Space museum

After, we went to the Holocaust Museum which was incredibly moving.

A moving quote in the final part of the museum.

Naturally, yesterday was the Fourth, so we made a delicious feast for breakfast and headed to the Mall. We went to the Museum of Natural History first, and got to see dinosaur bones and fossils: There was a really interesting part of the museum focusing on forensic anthropology. I have always been extremely interested in the field, but have never felt I had the science/math skills to succeed. It was seriously cool though.

Next, we headed to the National Mall and found a spot between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Turns out we were directly under where they shot the fireworks (which were AMAZING, definitely the best I’ve seen).

With our awesome 4th of July hats.

Beautiful fireworks

I have said for some time that the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I feel like I owe some explanation for this, because I tend to get odd responses. Think of the things the majority of us are blessed with in our country. We have running water, a plethora of food on our tables, clothes on our backs. Beyond that, we have amazing opportunities: college, internships in amazing cities and the ability to choose want to do with our lives. Why do we have these opportunities? Because we live in the United States of America. We’re free to think, believe, say (mostly) what we want. How could we complain? We. Are. Fortunate.

The Founding Fathers and people of our country in its earliest days, cared enough for our Freedom to fight for it. Remember this.

I hope everyone put their complaints with the government, politics or whatever they may be unhappy about aside and celebrated our great country yesterday.

Colin Powell, on the House floor.

“American is not a ship sailing from point A to point B. We’re more like a blow-up raft. We’re cold and wet, and we don’t always know where we’re going, but the winds always blow us to a destination and we make it work, and those winds are quite often the will of the people.” -Colin Powell

Today I had the privilege of listening to Colin Powell speak to the Congressional interns on the House floor today (I was 20ft. from Collin Powell!)

What really struck me, was what a positive attitude he had about the greatness of our country, and faith in our country’s ability to come back from any hardship.

Powell touched on what a great country the United States is, and how we should pride ourselves in the fact that people want to come here to start a new life.

What did I take from this? Instead of being so ‘doom and gloom’ about everything going on in our country, we should keep an open mind and faith that we will bounce back – that’s what our country is known for.

Something to think about.

Last Weekend as a 20-year-old!

This weekend was my last as a 20-year-old! I can’t believe my birthday is just 6-ish hours away – I’m so excited! I kicked off my third decade of life with a bang this weekend:

Saturday during the day my cousins John, Janys and Patrick came and picked me up, and I headed to Maryland where they live. We went to lunch, then went to their house:

Me and cousin Patrick and my birthday gift!

Then, we headed to Annapolis, MD to the harbor, which was absolutely beautiful:

Me at the harbor.

Annapolis harbor

This Tavern in Annapolis has been open since 1750!

Beautiful old homes

Then we went to a delicious ice cream shop, with TONS of ice cream:

So many different flavors!

I found a store dedicated to Daisy!:

Then, today, my friends and I went to Ford’s Theater, where Lincoln was assassinated. They have a museum dedicated to Lincoln’s presidency:

Part of the museum dedicated to the Gettysburg Address

The gun Lincoln was shot with.

The clothes Lincoln was wearing the night he was shot.

Lincoln's bloody pillow

The presidential booth where Lincoln was shot.

It was another great D.C. weekend! I turn 21 tomorrow, and next weekend is July 4!

Curbside Cupcake + Bipartisan Congressional Women’s Softball Game

This week was absolutely an amazing one on the Hill!

Yesterday, two of my office-mates introduced me to Curbside Cupcake (I’m beginning to realize how much this city likes its’ cupcakes!). If you follow @curbsidecupcake on Twitter, they will send updates as to the location of their different cupcake trucks around the city.

Curbside Cupcake's Twitter page!

Yesterday, the were on the Hill,so we ventured out! I got a DELICIOUS carrot cake cupcake:

My delicious carrot cake cupcake!

Then, last night was the charity softball game of Congresswomen v. Female Press Corps in D.C.. Myself and the other staffers attended to cheer on our boss (who kicked booty might I add; the Congresswomen won 5-4!)

The other staffers and myself with Congresswoman Capito aka Queen Coal!


The staffers at the game.

Us with Shelley's signs!

This morning I went to an intern session with Dana Bash, the senior white house correspondent for the White House of CNN. I was with approximately 20 other interns and got to ask her questions about her job, etc. She gave some amazing perspective about journalistic ethics.

This weekend should be great, I’m visiting my Uncle John in MD, going to the Holocaust Museum and Ford’s Theater, oh and TURNING 21!!!

Next week I get to hear from John Ashcroft, Colin Powell and Joe Manchin!

Georgetown Cupcake Adventure + Summer Reads

My roommate and I decided on a whim to venture to Georgetown Cupcake tonight. It’s only about a 20 minute walk from our dorm (GWU is essentially adjacent to the Georgetown area).

We were shocked to find that even though they closed at 9p.m. the line was still around the block at 8! We decided since we walked over despite our exhaustion from our lack of sleep last night that we would wait in line, and it proved to be completely worth it. Turns out, the line only seems so long because they don’t have a ton of in-store space, so that’s just naturally where the line wraps. They’re clearly used to their DC Cupcake fame because they move customers through quickly, and we ended up only having to wait in line for about 15-ish minutes.

And then we finally got inside:

Waiting inside at Georgetown Cupcake!

The cupcakes looked so delicious, and they have a ton of flavors!

My roommate, Abi, and I waiting in GC!

A dozen cupcakes were a bit out of our price range ($31 and some change), and we decided we didn’t need a dozen cupcakes tempting us in our fridge, so we got a half dozen for $15. I chose red velvet (the best creamed-cheese frosting I’ve ever tried) chocolate birthday and chocolate coconut!

Our yummy cupcakes.

Also, since I’ve been in D.C., I’ve been fortunate to have my evenings free, and have been able to do some serious reading. I’ve finished two books in my first week:

Summer at Tiffany by Majorie Hart

This is a (true) memoir about two women who moved to NYC in the mid-40s and were the first females to work on the sales floor at Tiffany. It was a great, quick and easy read, I definitely recommend!

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

I really fell in love with this book, perhaps it was the fashion. Protagonist, Phoebe Swift recently quit her job and decides to open a vintage store in London. Her best friend recently died, and she blames herself. The story unfolds in an interesting and heart-wrenching manner, definitely pick it up!

The House is in session for the rest of the week, so I’m sure I’ll be busy! (6 days until my birthday, though!) We made reservations at Founding Farmers for dinner next week and I can’t wait to try it!

First Week on The Hill

I have officially been in D.C. for a full week! It’s been an insanely busy yet amazing week, and I’m loving every second of it!

I started work Monday, with Congress in session, so I immediately jumped into doing tasks. My co-intern and I (who I found out has multiple mutual friends from Charleston, and became instant friends with) got tours of the Capitol complex. One of our tasks as interns is giving tours of the Capitol so we have to know how to get around.

The staff in my office has been wonderful, and I have been able to get some invaluable experiences so far. I’ve been able to do press clips, press released and some great writing. It’s also awesome that I get to walk around the Capitol complex a lot, so I’m not sitting at a computer all day.

I didn’t do too much after work this week, except some minor shopping at Forever21 and Payless. 9-5 work is more exhausting than I ever thought it could be!

Today, we went to the Eastern Market in D.C., and it was absolutely awesome. They have everything from fresh food to cocktail rings.

Me inside Capitol Hill Books by the Eastern Market.

There were books everywhere, it was all I could do to not buy 100!

Hand painted fans!

Fabulous derby hats, I wish I had somewhere to wear it!


Cocktail rings aka my heaven!

One week from today, I turn 21, and we found a great Mediterranean restaurant that we plan on going to. I’m really excited!



Day 1 in the District!

Yesterday was my first official day in Washington, D.C.! I woke up around 8:30a.m. (shocking for me, I know) and made breakfast and watched the news in bed. I don’t start work until Wednesday so I have a couple days to get acclimated with the area.

After a leisurely morning of coffee and CNN, I finally went exploring. Turns out, I only live a 10-15 minute walk from Georgetown. So, I explored there for most of the day while my roommate was at work.

One of the first things I found was a sale at H&M, so naturally, I spent some time in there. Then I did some general walking around in Georgetown:

Georgetown Cupcakes (as seen on the TV show DC Cupcakes)

The line was around the block though, so I decided not to stop.

One of the coolest vintage stores I've ever been inside, Annie Cheesecake's.

Today, I plan on heading back to Georgetown to get a security tag taken off a dress I bought at H&M and to find SerendipityDC, which just opened and I couldn’t find yesterday.

Last night, my roommate, a friend and myself went to Dupont Circle for dinner which was really nice.

I’m also going to ride the metro to where I’ll be working.

DC Chillin, Officially

I’m officially in Washington! After a whirlwind four days of packing, moving, graduating, re-packing and moving here, I’m finally relatively settled in.

I’m living at George Washington U, and my dorm (which is more like a hotel room) is awesome. I have a walk-in closet, which is obviously my dream.

My walk-in closet

My roommate and I went exploring this evening, and bought groceries at the Watergate Hotel grocery store, which is just around the corner.

I don’t start my internship until Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to doing some exploring in the next two days!